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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  October 20, 2013 9:30am-10:01am EDT

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the earnings growth will continue. >> i like amex as well. i am a card holder. one thing to keep an eye on is the total expenses. >> that's it for "forbes on fox." have a keep it here. eric bolling and "cashin' in" is next. a freebie free-for-all at wal-mart. food stamp evidences overloading the carts after a computer glitch waved spending limit on the government-issued e.b.t. cards? did they prove it's time to reign in the out-of-control welfare programs? plus, no reasonable expectation of privacy? the shocking words found encoded in the obamacare website that will absolutely blow your mind. and then, lobbing softball questions in the heat of the d.c. showdown. is mainstream media lovefest with the white house while we will never get this number down? "cashin' in," asking the tough questions for you starts right now. hi, everybody, i'm eric bolling. welcome to "cashin' in." the crew this week, wayne
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rogers, jonathan hoenig, michelle fields, and juan williams. welcome, everybody. we give an inch and they take a mile. some food stamp recipients taking advantage of the wal-mart kind-heartedness to let them shop, even though a computer snafu prevented retailers from the spending limit on the food stamp cards. then computer system was back up, the gig was up and the folks fled the stores leaving the overloaded carts in the aisles. just another reason, what we would say this out-of-control spending on the welfare programs those be reigned in. >> you really saw the depravity of welfare in this video, eric. i mean, a riotous mob looting producers. they are taking money from one group and giving it to another. so it's not surprising the beneficiaries of the program take on a looter mentality. to gain and steal value that aren't theirs. the problem is not reign in the $850 million in the food stamp fraud a year but to end
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welfare and all the programs. not fix them, but to do away with the notion that someone else's need is a claim on your life. >> okay. let me go to you, juan. you will say only $850 million in fraud that they estimate per year on food stamps. by the way, i believe the number could be multiples of that if they really dug in to it. but should there be any -- is $1 billion, are we okay losing almost $1 billion if fraud? >> no. there should be no fraud. but that is not the point here. the point is you guys beating up on the poor one more time. this just goes on and on. the reality is i hear jonathan talk about depraved people. these are deprived people. they have nothing. they see an opportunity. it's like a poor, hungry man trying to feed his family. you're going to sit here and lash them about the head and say they are bad people. i just think these are people who saw an opportunity and tried to do something for themselves. it was wrong. but ultimately they didn't steal a dime. >> no, they didn't steal a dime. we'll read the statement
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toward the end of the segment, wal-mart was good enough to continue to let them shop even though it was a glitch. juan says they're deprived. do you think in the last four or five years, the food stamp participation, the number of people on doubled. we're up to 115% over the last four or five years. do you think people are abusing the system? >> absolutely. look we ought to be promoting policies that spur economic growth. what food stamps does, it doesn't spur economic growth. it makes people feel more comfortable living in poverty. when really we should have policies that lift people out of poverty. you know, we have $800 million in fraud in 2012 with this program. $2.2 billion in wrongful payments. we shouldn't promoting this. we should be scaling back this policy. what bothers me about the louisiana government, the way they responded to this story is they didn't go after the people who knowingly abused this system. they are going after wal-mart. i mean these people should be
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suspended. from the program. they should have to pay back the money they used. that they knew they didn't have. >> you know, wayne, what is frustrating to me. i sit here and we do a lot. talk about the economy. those on the left say things are better. president obama's brought us out of the ditch. president obama says he brought us out of the ditch. look at the numbers. the numbers don't lie. welfare programs have exploded. balloon under president obama. if things are getting better, why don't the numbers start to come down? >> well, eric, because the press doesn't tell you the numbers. the people don't understand the numbers. food stamp fraud by the way was $1.7 billion. not $1 billion. $1.7 billion. the temporary assistance to needy families was $1.7 billion. this is fraud we're talking about here. student lunches, $1.4 billion in fraud. the food stamp program has gone from $17 billion to today $78 billion. you have got all the people on
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the government payroll. so the point is that they are not going to change it. the feds won't change it. they have a vested interested in it. nobody cares. >> the program itself is fraud leapt. everyone is a victim here. certainly those who pay to support these people. government is not here, if you want to help the poor, you are welcome to. but welfare and food stamps this is government coming with a gun, taking your money and giving it to people. it doesn't hemp them either. i turns them in looter mentality. we have seen it before. over the past summer we saw 30,000 people show up for a small number of government housing incentives. there were fidgetfights, police had to be -- there were fistfights and police had to be called in. this creates the looter mentality. juan if you want to help people in need that is your right, but not your obligation. >> go ahead, juan. let me frame the argument.
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as you allow people to stay on the programs you are disincentivizing them from going out and getting jobser anding their own living. they stay on the program rather than working the way off the programs. >> you am a big family values hardwork guy. i'm with jonathan when it comes to people stay too long on the program and we is v to make sure they get off. i see numbers that indicate people are on for five years or longer. to me -- >> that's not what i said. >> bad, bad, bad. here is my point to you. when you look at the reality here, we have increasing class in this society. we see fewer and fewer people who are able to make it to the middle class. we have gone through a terrible recession. what we're talking about is guess what? $4.50 a day! in order to help you feed your children and your familiar lip and yourself. you want to sit there and lecture these people? >> that $4.50, as john pointed out earlier is from the makers. the makers make it. the government takes it from
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them. they give it to the takers. that is the stark reality of what is going on here, michelle. >> why do we want to promote a policy to make people dependent? shouldn't we be focused on trying to create more jobs so people become financially independent? why do we want them to be a slave to the it? >> michelle, let me interrupt you and say are you talking to guys on wall street who get those huge bail-outs? >> we're not talking about -- juan, you're one of my best friends. hold it, guys. >> crony capital. i. i'm in favor of people being financially independent. >> juan you do this all the time. you change the focus of the segment. stop. you are a good guy, juan. >> let me get in a word in edgewise. >> wayne, the last thought. we have to wrap it. >> you are asking a question why doesn't it change, why are people not invent sized --
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incentivized. why do they continue to do it? because 47 milli people are on the federal dole. those are the people taking. the givers over here, people who are paying taxes, those people are being deprived of this. you don't have -- listen, the president has been there over 4-1/2 years and he hasn't changed. we're still above 7% unemployment. >> we got to go. john, i know you want to jump in but we have to go. >> quickly respond -- >> quick. >> against all welfare, i don't care if it's $4 or $1, you don't have a right to take somebody else's money by force. >> well said. we'll leave it there. wal-mart statement on the food stamp decision. "we know we made the right choice. our focus was to continue serving our customers." we'll leave it there. coming up, will healthcare change? bye-bye privacy. that's not republicans saying that's not republicans saying it. copd makes it hard to breathe...
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first, the n.s.a. and now the healthcare exchange. privacy concerns rising on the report that buried in the software for the obamacare website is this: "you have no reasonable expectation of privacy regarding any communication or data transiting or stored on this information system." wow! michelle? >> this is really concerning. what is also concerning is the navigators who will have access to sensitive, personal financial information.
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we just found out that one obamacare navigator roslyn wells has a warrant out for her arrest. according to the house oversight committee there is no procedure for vetting the obamacare navigators, no background checks, nothing. these are making the american people vulnerable to identity theft, fraud. now we know that obamacare, you have no privacy. >> juan, when i read this, i couldn't believe it. we talked to the producers. we have contacted the h.h.s. we talked about this. i can not believe that when you click "accept" that you are actually accepting the fact that your information may not be private. can you imagine if one of your e.d. drug got sent out to a bunch of people you didn't want them to know about? >> yeah, i think it's outrageous. i don't think it's right. and it makes you wonder if the n.s.a. is not running the program. the problem here is to be very specific about the qualification data. how you qualify. so they can verify that you are eligible for the program. it's not necessarily about your medical data which goes
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to your doctors. >> not necessarily, but -- >> let me counter that. the problem here isn't the -- the website. the problem here is the notion of government healthcare. why did patrick henry said, "give me liberty or give me death" and not say "give me healthcare or give me death"? he knew liberty is required to prosper, not the free stuff with government which comes with the strings attached including this case the complete loss of medical privacy. it's ironic that the president who railed against the fine print in mortgage disclosures in 2008 of 2009 now conveniently puts in a tiny type on the website you no expectation of privacy when it comes to your healthcare records, your medical records, seven government agencies sharing this information? >> even more insidious, john, more insidious is not on the website. you have to click a clickable link, right before you accept. source code. you to go to the source code. one click away where it actually tells you that your privacy may not be safe. wayne, take it from here.
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>> i don't know why you are surprised. everything that the government does, they are coercive. they put things in. people don't read the acts. this was not read by the congress who passed it. they don't have any idea what is in there. they don't know. they don't care. we have elected people who do not care about the people who elect them. they put anything in there they want to, to coerce you to do something. we have a fascist government run by fascists. >> can we pull up the screen, the h.h.s. they gave us a statement. "when consumers fill out their online marketplace applications they can trust the information they are providing sus protected by strin jent security standards standards -- trin -- stringent security standards." can we trust them? all we know about the n.s.a. and the i.r.s. and other programs. can you trust them? >> of course not. knowing people who are handling this, signing people
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up for obamacare have warrants out for their arrest and they will have all of my personal information, absolutely not. i do not feel safe at all. >> last thought, juan, before we go. >> it's not necessarily about your medical information. it's the qualification. i would think everybody on this panel would want to be sure that people getting this benefit qualify. that there is not fraud. that is what the government is doing. wayne, fascist government, that is strong. i don't think it's true. >> oh, by the waysh -- i can prove it to you. you don't think fascism is the private sector by the federal government? that's exactly what it is. i'm not talking about political fascism, i'm talking economic fascism. >> okay. because i love america and i think this is a great country. this is not a fascist government. >> whave to leave it there. i'm not -- >> i'm -- >> when we have time i'll sit down and prove out to you. >> very good. coming up -- want to get rit of this?
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someone here says get rid of questions like this to the white house. >> is there a chance that the president would be willing to president would be willing to delay obamacare for a year if when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened
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>> forget the budget panel created from the d.c. deal. someone here says we'll never see the obama administration agree to big spending cut as long as the mainstream media is asking questions like this. >> my daughter asked me to ask you, what is the coolest thing about being president? >> is there a chance the president would be willing to
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delay obama care for a year if the republicans were willing to agree to delay heart attacks for a year? >> i have to think if you and had a crack at the president five minutes, big moment, the cameras on us rolling, i'm guessing the question wouldn't is how cool is it to be you, sir? am i right? >> not at all. if i had an opportunity to interview the president i'm get out the laptop and say if you love obamacare so much i want you on camera to sign up for obamacare and sign up your family for obamacare. that is what someone needs to ask him. >> nicely done, fields. nicely done. >> the media has a responsibility to keep accountability in d.c. when the media fails on that, where does the accountability go? how do we know if they are accountable with our money? >> well, the media has done a horrible job. they have been biased. the republicans, by the way are total id yachts about this. why should -- if harry reid
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and the president say for example i'm not going to compromise, why is the other side wrong? if they say i'm not going to compromise, why are they not wrong? the media has done a terrible job. anybody can be a recallsy trent person who stands in the way and says i won't do anything. you must be wrong. why isn't the congress responsible, why aren't they signed up under this? >> fortunately -- >> the constitution outlines the media's right to ask the questions. >> unfortunately, today's media reflects today's culture, self-about i have official and unable -- self-sacrificial. they are scared. anyone that opposes obama is branded a racist or extremist. you know we need extremists in the media now. i'm be barry goldwater on this
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. extremism in liberty is no vice. >> if you turn on the light and the cockroaches scatter, right? has the left wing, liberal media turned that light out so that the guys can do what they want, fly below the radar and do their backroom deals? unless we shine a light on them we won't know what they are up to. >> of course, media's job is to be adversarial. there isn't a question about that. but you are ignoring a strong conservative media that does nothing but beat the living daylight out of obama and every other democrat. you ignore the fact that the american people aren't stupid. the american people are saying hey, look, the republicans are obstructionists, they just say no, no, no block, block, block. they put people down. i'm glad it's not hear to be racenist the midst of this. goodness gracious. it's not like anybody criticize obama who is racist but there are some people who don't like him.
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>> but the point is, question after question after question, softball questions like how cool is it to be you, sir? it's got to stop. the liberal media has to ask tough questions. it's insulting to the american people. >> new report came out that looked at all the major networks in the shutdown. and all the major networks, they blamed republicans for the shutdown, 41 times. you want to know how many times they blamed the democrats? zero. you call that fair? you call that fair, juan? >> right. now we have to leave it there. we're out of time, guys. great discussion. i wish we had more time. i wish we had an hour. thank you to michelle fields and juan williams for joining us this week. coming up, i took one for a ride. now the electric cars may be taking taxpayers for a ride, too. get ready to get charged up, america. thank you orville and wilbur...
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invested in the world. bny mellon. time for what do i need to know for next week? wayne is up first. >> look at xbi. not a short trade. a long-term holding. i think in the biotech industry, you need to do that. >> things are looking good in biotechs. do you like that, jonathan? >> it's not on the radar screen, but africa and the middle east are. they are slowly and surely moving away from collectism to individualism. we'll see what we saw in china for the last 25 years. look at gulf, it owns a lot of the middle east countries. and i think it goes higher from here. >> last year you had m.e.s.
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you are staying in the middle east. risky but you like them? >> we're bullish on stock but most happen to be in africa and the middle east. >> you have been hot. great. this is a heated debate this week. thanks for hanging out. wayne and john, thank you. that's it for cost of freedom block. thank you for joining us. before we go, nearly three years ago president obama promised to make america "become the first councilmember to have 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2015." well, the commander-in-green blown $100 billion tax dollars going green. about that same time, general motors offered me a test drive of the chevy volt. i tested it and i was disappointed. i drained in the lincoln tunnel on me two days in a row, 23-miles from my home. i declared president obama electric car spending colossal waste of money. as expected the left called me an ecoterrorist. now three years lateer a report from the department of energy shows less than one half of 1% of cars sold last year were plug-ins. so sadly, the president's
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